Barnes & Noble Adds Apps, Email, and Other Features to the Nook Color



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I held off rooting my nook color just to see how this update would go and it worked with no issues. Downloaded a few apps, no problems. Flash (on youtube) works full screen and its still at stock speed (but want to overclock). This little tablet was a good reader and now it's a very good tablet all stock! Everyone that see's the nook wants one, I'm sure in a few months there will be a bunch more tablets coming out but I caught this on sale for $200 it's going to be hard to beat for a while.




Not interested in the color I just need one of your e-ink readers to have an 8.5x11 inch display for proper pdf viewing.



Amazon's Kindle DX is pretty darned close.  My wife has one.  The oversized screen is niiiiice!  They are a bit pricey, but they're big and since it's e-ink, the battery lasts  f - o - r - e - v - e - r   (as long as you keep the 3G modem turned off)...



To late now rooted my Nook color second day i had it currently runing CM7 on it working great as a gingerbread tablet with flash capable of overclocking it to 1.1Ghz.

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