Barnes and Noble Nook Lawsuit to Proceed



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Would B&N have to release an octagonal e-reader to avoid looking like the Alex? Seriously.

Love the spam filter, by the way. Kudos!



Thanks for your opinion. Spring design, maker of the Alex e-reader, claims to have shared its e-reader design with Barnes and Noble in hopes the retailer would enter a partnership to sell ebooks. Instead, Barnes and Noble made and launched the Nook with a similar two screen design. Spring Design sued shortly thereafter. The Ales did eventually launch in April of 2010 with a $299 price tag. The high price and lack of a strong content tie in has made for a tough sell. Do you think Barnes and Noble borrowed a little too heavily from the Alex?



It will be interesting to see how this one plays out (over decades upon decades of appeals of course) because Spring may have a strong case, but honestly, how many shapes can you apply to a device that has to electronically represent a physical sheet of paper?

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