Banner Year for Blu-Ray, Still Not Coming to Xbox 360



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Are Blu-Ray Drives for computers included in the "Blu-ray capable players" figures?

Just curious. I think anyone with a screen good enough to display blu-ray in all its' glory needs to have a player of some sort.



The last thing the 360 needs is yet another SKU splintering the userbase even more than it currently it. Add Blu-ray to the next system, but not the 360.



If the core of the 360 is gaming, then why bother with doing fancy pancy media related stuff to begin with? Why add Netflix streaming? Why add Miis? Why do anything that the first version of the console didn't do?

Oh right, because it has to compete with the PlayStation 3 as a total entertainment device.

Just integrate Blu-Ray dammit. I think Microsoft just doesn't want to cave into the fact they half-supported a format they thought would win.



First of all, Sony doesn't exclusively own Blu-Ray. If anyone is paying royalties based on using Blu-Ray, it's to the Blu-Ray association ( Anyone who pays royalties for using DVDs, it's for the DVD Forum, which by the way Sony was a founding member. Hell, even if you used CDs, Sony got a cut of the profits. In other words, Sony helped create all the popular optical disk formats you know and love.

Second of all while I'm certain that the PS3 uses a 1x or 2x BD-ROM drive which is in fact slower than a 12x DVD drive used in the 360, the PS3 installs the necessary data to the hard drive. That's fine with me, because ultimately that means load times are LESS. I played MGS4 which its install times (1-2 minutes, PC games take much longer for the same amount of data!) weren't that bad. If MGS4's install times were notable critcisms, then other PS3 games shouldn't be that bad. But the kicker is, I'd rather be enjoying my gaming experience without hearing the console. The Xbox 360 is notorious for being loud. Yes I understand that Microsoft "upgraded" the DVD drive to be a bit more quiet, but you can only go so far into silencing a 10,000+RPM drive. But seriously, when I was playing on my brother's Elite, I had to turn up the sound system that I was using pretty damn loud to drown out the DVD drive.

Besides, DVD is really starting to show its age as a gaming medium. I've noticed in multiplatform games on the 360, its visual quality is lower than the PS3 or PC version.



I think MS just doesn't want to give royalty money for using BluRay to Sony...



Why do we need bluray on the xbox? The speed of data transfer on a bluray player is so damn slow that it's not even worth developers aren't doing anything with it yet until those speeds increase.

Fact is DVD is superior for gaming because of the speed at which information is transfered. For movies it's definently superior, but for's not there yet...M$ is making a smart move to not integrate Bluray. You ever hear the game developer mantra...slow loading times kill a game?


Xbox is already more popular than the PS3...check out the sale numbers on wiki if you don't believe me. It's about 4 mill shy of being double that of the PS3.

This link is pretty enlightening.



so wait, according to MS, Blu-Ray doesn't help in the core of what xbox does, gaming.  Ummm, how about being able to fit 5x the data on one game disc? 



How come you guys don't seem to like couting the PS3 as a genuine Blu-ray player? That's really all I use mine for, I was quite dissapointed in the games for it.



The 360 is 3 years in. They have time to fight this battle with blu ray with dig distribution. If in 3 years Blu Ray really takes off they will put it in the Xbox 720, DVD is still strong enough, espesially in this economy, that M$ just doesn't need to do this yet. no big deal really. When a player reaches 99.99 I will buy a Blu-Ray player....MAYBE


I am Recession Proof



I saw a BD-rom drive on newegg for $89

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