Ballmer Warns Business to Stop Installing XP, or Employees Will Complain



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I have done contract work at large government agencies that are still 90% 2000.  What nonsense.  I still think that as they upgrade their hardware they should move to open source.  With the current state of hardware and the ease of using VM to run legacy applications there is little reason for our employees (government) to run Vista or Win7.  I have worked on their systems for decades and before they jumped to win95 they were running Unix and X windows.

So Steve B I agree with you that the public sector should upgrade, but to something that is more secure.



Discontent workers?  Seriously, WTF?  Does Ballmer really believe the PR crap he spews at these events?  Trying to get businesses to believe that the workers will rebel if they don't migrate to Vista/7 is just asinine. 

Businesses avoided Vista like it was some kind of plague-bearing leper because it wasn't ready for prime-time when it was first released.  The "Vista Experience" has improved for the consumer (well, somewhat... at least since the release of SP1) and consumer adoption of it has increased (but that's only because MS and their vendors (Dell,HP, etc.) have made it harder than hell to get a new PC with a copy of XP pre-loaded).

Most businesses haven't taken the time to overhaul their apps to work properly with Vista and have no reason to start migration.  Workers aren't going to bitch about the OS they're using, they'll adapt to whatever their company provides them.

MS needs to face facts that the only way they're going to get businesses to adopt the next-gen OS is to just flat-out cut XP off at the knees.  Obviously they can't do that without pissing off their customers, but they have no one but themselves to blame for the situation. 



Load of crap.  Most business' servers probablly couldn't run vista, cos there hardware is older than XP.  XP still works great, whybotherupgrading right now?  Unless you work at a tech company, most employees wouldn't know what operating system was used anyway.  You really think all the checkers at wal mart know or care what OS there store is opperating on?  I think MS just has a crapload of Vista left over that they need to push to free up space for 7.




 If my employees don't like XP,

they're free to go work somewhere else.

 The animals got a lotta nerve thinking they run the zoo.


If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail...



There are some really "frugal" companies out there that still use DOS.


Keith E. Whisman

Yeah I agree. I'm really pissed off that our German made fareboxes run Windows CE instead of Vista. I'm going to freaking quit driving the bus.

Heck the fareboxes are little computers with a bios and a CPU. A $20dollar Intel Celleron Processor single core chip.  



Are there any content employees in the US now?

Heck, my stuff at home has been better/faster/newer than my stuff at work for nearly 30 years now, except for brief bursts of new hardware off my cycle.

Bad reasoning. Poor PR. Hard to believe I could miss Bill G. talking ...





Ballmer might as well have said, omg ur employeez will think ur teh old farts 4 using teh XPeez lol omg!

Oh no!  Someone might think we're old fashioned if we use something that works well but is 5 years old, we better upgrade NOW!  It's obvious he's an infant.

You could say my organization has "begun deploying" Vista, because some people have it who were curious, but I'm certain it will never be a forced rollout.  New PC's are still loaded with XP unless requested otherwise.  Windows 7 will be the real mccoy.



I've heard that the Air Force was going to start making the switch to Vista but that was last year I believe.  I would hold out until Win7 is released and see how stable it is.



Balmer really needs someone to write his statements for him because he's kind of a joke.





We've just upgraded to Windows XP at my work! :o



I've avoided deploying Vista on my network.  I had one user forced to use Vista back when MS forced it on a Dell laptop.  When this user experienced problems prompting a complete rebuild, we happily moved him back to XP Pro.  I'm using Win 7 beta, and enjoying it.  I'll just wait it's release and begin upgrading then.



I'm begininng not to like this chubby Balmer dude. He's a bit of an idiot and always spouting off.

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