Ballmer Joins List of Android Skeptics, Questions Google's Strategy



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Keith E. Whisman

Uh the reason why he is talking down about the Android phone is because it is in direct competition with MS Windows smartphones and PDA phones. Duh... Of course he is going to talk shit about the android. It's only his job. If I were Jobs or Ballmer I wouldn't want anyone to buy an Android phone either. 


The fact is that I have an Android G1 from T-Mobile and I love it. The Apps are awsome and there are Shell apps that allow you access to the command prompt. It is basically Linux. It's freaking awsome. It's like having a small linux box in the palm of my hand. It has a package manager and everything you would expect in a distro. It freaking rocks.. 



I won't be able to get a chance to prove him wrong, unfortunately in my area I can only go with sprint/nextel...



Ya, that picture of him is great. OH how exploitable...



Man I love these pictures you keep coming up with of Ballmer LOL He's a complete nut.

I'm trying to find it now, but I'm sure that somewhere there's a quote from Steve several years ago saying, "Google doesn't exactly bubble to the top of the list of competitors we've got going in web-based mail"

Somebody needs to polish this guy's crystal ball.  Or his head.



Bill Gates really needs to shut Ballmer up.  Let him run the business if they think he can do that, but man his mouth is doing the company more harm than good.  He says the craziest things, and his overall image is that of a nutcase. 



You would think that this guy would know his stuff but.....


Here is a comment he made aboutthe Iphone.  This guy doesnt know diddly poo when it comes to phones. 


Peanut Fox

He was kind of right, Apple lowered the price of the phone not 2 months later.  Now they are a more realistic $200-$300.

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