Ballmer Claims Microsoft Surface RT Sales are off to a “Modest” Start



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Don't expect Ballmer to admit Surface is not a big seller. If it was they would be giving out numbers and bragging all the way. They can say the $499 model sold out but still no numbers.

Now M$ is claiming Ballmer was misquoted. Is it true or damage control? Time will tell!!!


Paper Jam

Why do we need Windows RT? Android has the budget market and Apple holds the high end. Why do we need another ARM based platform? If this were Windows 8 (able to run ALL Windows programs) for a cost close to the iPad then Microsoft might be able to gain some traction, but Surface RT looks like the second coming of the Zune. That's how it looks to me.



Mine came in yesterday and I think it's an awesome device. The build quality is top-notch and Windows 8 performs VERY well on it. The only thing I'll say is that the Windows Store is lacking a few VERY important apps like VPN clients (Citrix, Juniper, Aventail, etc...). That is the only caveat I have found so far. Oh, the battery life is phenomenal.



I am waiting to buy, mainly because I just have other expenses to handle first. I tried one and liked what I saw, so I will get one. However, I am curious to see what sort of x86 tablets are on the horizon. I know they are going to cost more generally than the RT versions, but if they bring enough value to the table (I like the idea of using a tablet to play older PC games and not having my content limited), it might be worth spending extra.



While I am not interested in a tablet of any brand for myself, my wife has expressed an interest. So I have been checking out the various offerings from several companies. Needless to say, when I saw the price on both the Asus and Microsoft models I balked. What would either one do for her that a $350.00 Samsung Galaxy Tab II wouldn't?

Anyhow, I think they are over priced. I'm not surprised the sales have been off to a modest start.



Im fine with my 2012 11.6" mac air
And i will be strat it is the word Windows that stops me from even considering to buy it
i am a mac or linux user from 2010 forword and can do any thing i want to do and so far 1/100th of the problems i have had with windows



after playing with the asus windows 8 tablet... All i can say is yuck... I will stick to my Nexus 7. I tried to keep an open mind but it just isnt intuitive for me. It isnt like i dont like change... I am running Kubuntu 12.10 on my laptop for instance. And it isnt a microsoft thing either. I think Microsoft made the same mistake as Gnome/Unity has on Linux.... and no I dont like those either.



I picked one up yesterday. It was not that I had a real need as I have my high powered desktop and a good notebook but after a day playing with it I really like that I can use it to give the three PowerPoint presentations I have to give in the next few days and that I can video SKYPE with it and in general more easily do what I was trying to do with just my phone and all without having to lug a notebook. The design is actually quite excellent. To me it feels like a convienient easy to carry and use a very light notebook without the wimpyness of a netbook and the limitations on content creation of a droid tablet and the toylike feel of an iPad. I do agree that the price is probibally about $75 high for mass acceptance.



I don't think Microsoft ever intended to make a pile of money on their Win8 hardware. I think they wanted to prod the other manufacturers to quickly release THEIR hardware. I think they've succeeded.

Myself...I'm waiting for a Win8 Pro device...probably from Asus or Lenova.



But it has awesome click-click-clickety commercials that turn Men in Black into Transformers in the middle of Tablet Park!!!



As someone who doesn't understand the appeal of tablets, I'm going to say that I'm not at all surprised. It seems like the Andriod tablet/iPad already has the market tied down.



Yep. Too expensive. That's what I've said since the very beginning. Couple that with the fact you don't even get the keyboard with it and have to shell out even more to give it the added functionality that is supposed to be its selling point with the fact that it doesn't run x86 programs and you have a recipe for a DOA device that OEMs will be happy to see go the way of the DODO. :D



In second paragraph Steve Ballmer becomes Steve Baller . Oh and about Surface RT , do I really need another tablet when I already have Android tablet is there real incentive ? Price is also kind of too high .


I Jedi

In my opinion, the entry price for the Surface RT was just too high for the average consumer to swallow easily. They may be underselling it now, but I still believe it should have sold for a high of $350 and use the Apps Market as a way to recoup their loses, so that they could get wider adoption. Nevertheless, it is an awesome device, which I wish I could throw $500 at to get one.



I really like to try and keep an open mind and see things from a different angle but man, I'm baffled myself at Microsoft's decision on that one.

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