Back From the Dead: AMD Resurrects ATI's All-In-Wonder Series



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Well it's about damn time they did!

I have had pretty much all the AIW cards in the past, and they were absolutely great for those who wanted to play moderately but had the desire to use their pc as a PVR.

The only thing that they need to fix though this time around is driver support, and the abysmal scheduled recording with Gemstar Guide+ & MMC. They never recorded properly with the very last generation- the AIW X1900.

So if ATI (sorry i prefer ATI rather than ATI/AMD) does decide to serve up a higher end card for the AIW line, and the pricing and software are good..well then they got theirselves the faithful AIW users of yesterdays!

Keep in mind however they are pricing it at $199 with the AIW 3650 HD...while the AIW X1900 price was $499..and for that time that card kicked some arse!

*rant ended*



Indeed they are, and have been on a roll as of late.  Between the talk of interoperability between the 4xxx and 3xxx series, lifting the OC restrictions on 4850 cards, and other recent news, its looks as though they're finally back in the game. Let's hope we can say the same thing about AMD's processor line this time next year!



I've owned a couple of the All-in-Wonder cards in the past, and I'm glad they're coming back. Hopefully, they'll be fully ready for the digital TV and cable world of 2009 and beyond - along with good Windows Media Center (and third-party MC) support. At the moment, things are looking good for ATI.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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