Aviary Launches Web-based Audio Editor, Myna



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This looks like a very efficient web audio editor. Though I read a lot of web development software and security news I have found this application quite recently. I have to upload a couple of these mixed tracks to my website.



Uploading original tracks I'm working on for instant free public consumption.  Hmmmm....let me think....no.  I do like the  concept of mixing in the cloud as it were.....but it fails when you factor in those of us who make part of our living from audio engineering. Along with musicians who compose original tunes for a living either partially or completely.  I'm not going to upload anything I'm working on for a client nor my own original music knowing it's instantly public domain.  And I love the  "If you are too possessive about your work".  Too possessive?  Give me a break....and "We" dont pay $25....more like $500+ for our professional software with pro features required to do this work. Possessiveness has nothing to do with it.  Copyright, NDA's, and common sense do.

It also royally fails when one can just go and download Reaper which is a fully featured platform in which they "ask" you to pay $40 or something after demoing it but yet have no way to enforce such payments, the demo never expires, and there is nothing crippled in the "demo".  It has all the pro features one would expect that other commercial platforms charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for.  How is that possible?  Well thats an article in itself but I'll give you a hint....it helps when you're a multi millionaire software developer with (apparently) tons of free time and no need to actually make money.

No thanks. This software is for kids.  I dont even have to check it out to know the public stuff will just be a bunch of crappy beat based loops that were just taken from somewhere else. 



But can you plug in third party hardware like a line 6 guitar pod to record straight from your computer? Or do you already have to have a pre-recording?



I wonder if they will ever port Audacity to HTML5 or something.




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