AVG Adds Do Not Track Feature to Free and Paid Antivirus Software



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How is this not the same as the Do Not Track+ addon for FF?



I use Ghostery to stop websites from tracking me. Free, seems to work great.



I second that. It's now one of my default addons that I always have installed. A few sites seem to break every now and then, but overall it works great.



I don't like AVG



Why do I see this as the future trend in internet security software? And I mean, used in such a way it becomes a hip marketing term?

I mean it's good, but at the same time I feel like it's the "cool" thing to do.



Don't concern yourself too much over what is cool or what isn't cool.

This type of thing is becoming trendy because people have a real concern about their internet privacy.

I think I get what you're saying though. With software, you get a lot of people buying things they aren't really all that informed about. Sometimes marketing buzzwords are what sells the product, and it can get to a point where the term becomes meaningless.

I find tracking to be altogether stupid, though I don't really try to stop it. I tend to get a lot of ads based on what the computer thinks I'm into, and it's really not accurate. The only time it seems to get things right is when to advertises a store that I've already bought something from.

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