AVG 9.0 Now Available, Claims 50% Faster Speed



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I think I'll stick with Avira AntiVir :)



"Performance shouldn't be a problem with AVG 9.0, at least according to
AVG's claims. The AV maker says version 9.0 runs 50 percent faster than
the previous version, while also improving performance and ease of use."

Maximum PC should have tested AVG 9.0 to see if it is 50% faster.



 Its either avast, or microsoft security essentials. AVG just has to many OOPS I killed your os files updates.

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I was playing WoW the other night and it was running like total crap. Turned out AVG was doing a scan. I was so peeved I uninstalled it and put on the new Microsoft antivirus app. Ya, I know I probably could have sheduled it but I've used Symantec for years and never had it bring my system to a crawl like AVG did.  

and it is free...but doesn't matter. You mess with my gameplay your going down. :)



I have been useing AVG for about 2 years now and haven't had one virus get past it.

Well technically I haven't had 1 real virus yet so there arn't any for AVG to catch. I have had the random trainer give a virus warning, but it's always false positives.


Realy one shouldn't be getting viruses unless you are doing bad stuff to begin with. (torrents and such) Or if the person is just stupid and trusts all emails they get and all websites they go to.



 I don't know about AVG anymore.Each time I've used it, (in recent years) my PC has gone belly-up with some sort of virus, or malware. While using AVG, just last year, I had to reformat my laptop 4 times to get rid of: XP Antivirus, Personal Antivirus, trojan.Metajuan, random crap warez, and some random "optomizer" programs that wereloose cannons. My complimentary copy of Sytem Mechanic 8 was finding more viruses than AVG was, but it couldn't remove them because it was just an optimization program. I've been using some complimentary copies of Norton 09/10 since then and I have been bug free since.




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