Avatar 3D Blu-ray Disc to be Exclusive to Panasonic 3D TVs



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The only thing this is going to result in is a major increase in online piracy.  Linking a "blockbuster" movie to a specific tv set is worse than when Microsoft made Halo 2 a Vista (or newer) exclusive, even though it would have played perfectly fine on WinXP w/DX9.  That lost them a lot of sales and this will lose a lot of sales for James Cameron.  FAIL.



I suspect 3d will be just another flash-in-the-pan gimmick, like it was in the  80's and the 50's, unless manufacturers can find a way to loose the glasses.  The average consumer doesn't want to have to pay big bucks for something that they then have to sit down and put some dorky 3D glasses on for.



I'm actually one of the idiots that recently bought a 3D TV, Sony 46" HX800.

Went in to my local Futureshop because my 32" Samsung just wasn't cutting it any more, no 1080p and not a LED. Was interested in the Sony HX700 line till the I slipped on a pair of the glasses and looked at the demo. Bought the whole kit right there. Already had the PS3 that one day (or so Sony says) will play 3D BR discs, so I'm good to go.

I'll admit it is a bit gimmicky, but even using the 2D convert to 3D option gives the picture a feeling of depth, and playing Wipe out 3D is a blast once you get used to it. Plus you have to watch a football game in 3D, really cool. :)

The TV came with download codes for 2 full 3D games, a 3D game demo (all PS3) which work, and 1 3D movie that doesn't (yet).

As for the Panasonic tie-in, what you gonna do? I'm sure they're paying up the wazoo for the exclusivity. I've seen the movie and I'm sure I'll be able to rent/buy eventually so I don't care to be honest. 


Talcum X

When these bundles start coming off the shelf, the BRDs will start appearing on eBay for those who didn't buy the Panasonic bundle.



Only linking it to one TV? James Cameron can't be that dumb O.o

Oh well, I'll never buy a 3D capable TV unless it is because every TV is 3D capable at some point, and even then, I probably won't use 3D mode very often.



Is being brought to the television consumer.  I am sure this won't backfire in any way.  ;)



That image made me lol for a few seconds.



This doesn't bother me at all since I don't own 3DTV but I guess it's pretty depressing news for people who have 3DTV.

I still haven't watched the movie "Avatar" yet, but I've heard lot of positive reviews on the movie so I assume many 3DTV owner could be depressed by this news.



I give the 3D movie about 30 minutes from the street date before its for sale by some street corner vender and viewable on any 3D tv.  Who are they trying to fool?



Want to know why display producers are pushing the 3D gimmick so hard?


Because its cheaper than producing high-quality displays.



You're in like the tiniest minority ever - and 3D isn't going away - what crawled up your butt??



Do you know why people don't care about 3D? Because the human brain already simulates 3D based on 2D images. That why you can tell that stuff is in front of other stuff on regular TV. Your brain does this already based on movement and context. The current 3D gimmick is just that - a gimmick. Imagine having 5 people over to your house to watch a movie - oops I only have 3 sets of glasses. This technology is just dumb. Granted, it's kinda cool if you love wearing the dumb glasses, but totally not worth the hassle. The hassle is what will kill it.



Who cares. Avatar sucked and 3d movies are just another stupid fad like it was back in the 80's. Lame.



i havn't watched Avatar, but 3D is definately gimmicky. it's not all that speical and revolutionary, they are just doing it to sell more TVs since most people already have a large(ish) flat panel.



I agree.  I was not impressed with Avater.  And 3D is just an annoying gimmick to me.  Its not that mind blowing, and is not that 3Dish.  


Also, a lot of sales will be lost just having the Avatar 3D edition exclusive to one TV.  Bad move.

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