Avast: Windows XP Accounts for Nearly 75 Percent of Rootkit Infections



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There is this 1 rogue virus that kept disabling MSE on our Vista machines. The funny thing is that it's hard for "normal" people to notice it since it looks and runs just like the real thing. I switched back to Avira after my 2nd rogue infection with MSE.

So right now:


Dual booting Vista Ultimate 64bit and Ubuntu w/ Avira, SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes, Spybot S&S and Firefox w/ AdBlock, No Script, Link Alert.


Dual booting Vista Premium 32bit and Meego 1.2 w/ Avira, SuperAntispyware and Firefox w/ AdBlock, No Script, Link Alert.

No antivirus on either Linux distros







Dual booting Ubuntu and Win 7. Windows has almost every piece of security software known to man, and Ubuntu has Avast, just because :)



Laptop is Win 7 Ultimate SP1/Joli OS dual-boot, desktop is Win 7 Ultimate SP1/Win XP Pro SP3 dual-boot because Win 7 doesn't support the ancient AGP card in it...7 still runs, but not optimally.  I can add a supported AGP card and turn the desktop into a home server when I get my next desktop, which will be a Win 7 box.

On the other side of the coin, my wife just can't let go of Win XP.  Her laptop is identical to mine, but she insisted on XP; her desktop is even older than mine, so Win 7 isn't a choice for that one.

Care to guess which machines have more problems and goofy errors in our house?  *grin*



i am still using win xp. but next week i will be moving to win7 64-professional. I just ordered a SSD for it. cant wait for the upgrade. 



I, sir, do not "rock" an operating system. Surely there are less pseudo-hipster terms you could use?



Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Microsoft Security Essentials (and malwarebytes free) on both of my systems, as well as WOT and NoScript. A spare system that another family member uses has XP and MSE. Another has w7 home premium 64 and Avast.



I run Windows XP and Firefox with NoScript installed for prevention.  Running RKill, Combofix, and then Malwarebytes before a reboot has been successfull in cleaning out everthing I've come across.



What operating system and security software are you rocking?


Microsoft Windows XP Home Main PC aka (Workstation)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional (NAS Server) (DMS) digital Media Server for WD TV Live Awesome!

After I finished Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out 2th Edition book I knew what was dead and what need updating, But I'm still using XP and will be until 2014. Might jump in the Windows 8 Beta this Fall then pick up Windows 7 along with Microsoft Windows 7 Inside Out 2th Edition Book Next Year with a new Videocard, No need to jump if you know what you doing.

Security Software

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Also on Server

Spybot - Search & Destroy

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

Windows Defender Also on Server



I would be curious to hear numbers from another security company just to know what is the rate of infection for the people that can afford an OS AND an antivirus.



I can pretty much attest to this fact since my oldest brother is still using XP and keeps getting his computer infected.  He somehow managed to go somewhere and click some things to snag something that has bypassed MSE and now resides on his computer.  Malwarebytes has unfortunately been able to pinpoint what's causing it (although it prevents Internet access entirely due to "malicious IP addresses").



Sony got busted with RootkitRevealer: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897445



AFAIK MalwareBytes doesn't scan for rootkits. It can detect some but its not a dedicated scanner.

The fact that we are talking about an OS that is now 10+ yrs old and one of the most pirated pieces of software out there says something. Its easy to throw these numbers out there and make a big deal out of them but out of that 73% tested how many were legit copies that were totally updated?Give some perspective here! We all know XP has some flaws but it has also been around forever for anyone and their brother to find the holes in. And it still holds a 60-70% market share world wide. So its the most profitable to target.



not that surprising.  the tables will turn and windows7 wil have all the viruses some day.  right now with XP holding nearly 40% of the OS market, its logical and efficient for virus writers to target a large,  unprotected, and unpatched audience.  when win7 becomes more popular and takes over the whole market, virus makers will be foreced to circumvent the security and make viruses for it.



O.K., this is it, I'm installing Vista.



I'd jump for Windows 7

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