Avast Misidentifies Steam As A Trojan



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As long as you have a decent internet connection, (IMHO) Steam is one of greatest things since sliced bread.

I really don't see where you would have any real problem it your Stamp client was damaged. Except for non-Steam games, steam keeps uptodate copies of all your games for redownload any time at no charge.

Assuming your steam files were not lost, just copy your games and any userdata files from the C drive Steam program files for safety. Then uninstall and reinstall. Log in with your correct usurer name and password and your in business. Again, at worst, you may have to reload your games but no biggy Steam has all your game keys from time of purchase so you don't even lose those.

I don't know what this verification code mentioned in the article is. Never used one even when the kids and grand kids messed things up a couple of times. Rather than chance glitches from mistakes attempting to make repairs, I just reloaded and went on my merry way.



Steam sends a notification via email that someone tried to log in on an unrecognized machine. I think SteamServices remembers that you're a valid machine.



Or... Steam just sucks anyways and deserves to be treated as a virus.



Or...someone at Avast really likes EA's Origin.

Or...someone at Avast is letting someone at Steam distribute viruses.

Or...Anonymous pulled it off to keep those elite FBI investigators from playing Plants Vs Zombies this weekend.




Lies! steam is a quick install... unless you delete everything, but that would be just silly...

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