AVADirect Starts Shipping Monster i7 Gaming Notebook



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Probably most important for a gamer laptop...why not ATI Mobility 5870? 

Why would I pay over 2000 for a laptop that does not support DX11, tesselation, and uses a graphics chip that is over two years old now?

If Crossfire was an option I know 2x 5870m would beat 2x 285m.  




The NVidia moblie options in SLI are better that ATI models, as I understand it.  This notebook, however, is HUGE!! I can't imagine carrying it in anything other than a backpack. No word on battery life? It can't be more than 90 minutes or so, I would think.



Why 2GB ram only?



I think what they're saying is it STARTS at 2Gb, which is probably to keep the cost down I'm guessing.  It states that it is available up to 8Gb of 1333 RAM. (which I'm sure is more than the "entry level" price of $2500)

This rig would be kick ass for LAN gaming.  I wouldn't actually try and use it as a portable PC!  Would have to carry a deep cycle RV battery to power the sucker for more than 20 minutes! LMFAO

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