AVADirect Rolls Out Sub-$1,000 Clevo W110ER 11.6-inch Gaming Notebook



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I remember back in 2010 when I bought a netbook. It came with Atom, and I didn't believe that it was as weak as everyone said.

I was right to not believe that as Atom is _worse_ than they said it was. If you were lucky you could get an older generation Atom with NVidia Ion graphics, graphics that (iirc) were gimped by Intel with a slow bus speed between the Nvidia graphics and everything else.

Nowadays netbooks are coming with much more respectable graphics, an almost-respectable i3 processor, and almost-liveable resolutions. 1366*768 still annoys my eyes on a 15" screen as the pixel density is not high enough (they are visible), but it might be liveable on an 11" screen. Shoot, I've been using less on my 10" netbook for 2 years now.

I might be able to get a portable, svelte laptop with some power after all.





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Good price for that hardware in a laptop. Some online auctions have used alienwares going for over 1k and they are medium specs from 2 years ago.

BTW, when is MaxumumPC gonna gonna get some reviews on cheaper gaming laptops? Throw us a bone here Gordon.


The Corrupted One

I keep looking for a 11 inch gaming laptop, and the options keep changing!



I don't see this replacing the old m11x. The Intel 2350M listed has a significantly higher power draw (35W) than the processor's offered by Alienware for it's ultra portable (the first m11x has processors with a 10W power draw, the next two revisions CPUs consumed at most 15W).

If AVADirect, or any other manufacturer wants to make a gaming ultra portable that can compete with the m11x, they need to start using ultra low voltage processors.

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