AVADirect Puts the Quiet Smackdown on Custom Workstation Rigs



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I like the meme Maximum PC used. X-D



I thought that I'd read a similar article here in the past so my first thought upon reading this headline was that it was telling me that AVADirect was no longer offering custom quiet workstations, and that they'd quietly canceled 'em.

Good thing that I clicked on the article.

Also, 1066 Mhz RAM?! That's half of the approaching-mainstream 2133 Mhz ram and much slower than the already-mainstream 1600 & 1866 Mhz sticks, as well as being slower than the now-ancient 1333 Mhz RAM.

What gives?



We did have a similar article, approximately one year ago, detailing the release of our Silent Desktop Configuration options. Due to their success, we decided to offer our Quiet Workstation Configuration, hence the article. This is a new feature, so I'm unsure where you may have heard they were canceled.

Definitely, we hope you enjoyed the article!

The specifications provided in the article were merely an example of what our "base" configurations start with. We do offer a myriad of RAM choices, from every available clock rate, so if end-users are interested in high-speed RAM they're more than welcome to purchase a Quiet Workstation with a high-speed RAM kit. Although, most of the XEON/Core i7 processors have a bus limitation of 1066/1333/1600Mhz, so the high-speed RAM (1866Mhz+))is bottlenecked by the CPUs, at that point. One day (hopefully) soon that will no longer be an issue.


The Mac

Kinda fun to see the vendors on here commenting...

Wish more would do so.



Hear! Hear!I too like seeing vendors making comments on here :)



I think it's important for builders (especially) to be more involved with end-users. After, without you we would have no one to build for. :-)

To correct my first comment, we did "quietly" discontinue one of our workstations. It was the rack-mountable 3U Z77, X79, and C602 workstations. Reason being, there were difficulties in implementing high-end graphics cards in the form-factor, which was a large portion of our designing such a solution. Most NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards have the 6/8-pin power connectors on the left-side of the card, which would be facing upward when installed in a 3U chassis. Since power supply cables rarely offer low-profile, right angle connectors it made it impossible to close the 3U chassis panel. We're in the process of working with various manufacturers to develop a proprietary solution, so stay tuned!

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