AVADirect Dances with Debian as an Authorized Integrator



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thank you AVADirect! Heck for $11.40, that's cheaper than Zorin OS Ultimate ($15) And since it's a free open sourced distro/OS (since it's Gnu/Linux as the OS) $11-12 is pretty darn cheap, even compared to $30 for OSX.  I am glad to see more places offering something besides Windows on it's systems.  System76 only offers Ubuntu, but the distro is preloaded for free, you're just being charged for the components you're buying. Sadly i don't remember the site that listed them all, but you can Google for more places that offer Linux as the OS on the system, though not all offer consumer desktop/laptop systems, just servers.


Misha Troshin

No problem :)


Misha Troshin

AVADirect Custom Computers



This is good news.  Linxu can now get into the hands of more people without them having to go through the process of installing it themselves though distros like Ubuntu are so easy to install.  Debian is good but Ubuntu should also be avaiable for the less computer literate people out there.


Now Linux needs to get to more companies that can sell computers with Linux preinstalled.


This is good enws indeed.

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