AVADirect Buys Into Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround Technology, Hopes You Will Too



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Gotta have sli to run the 3D surround and 2 470's aren't enough to power it.  I agree with the poster above these specs do not make sense.  There is no reasonable upgrade path with this rig.   Why not charge $150 more and at least include a 480. 



This rig would be completely ridiculous to use with 3 monitors AND 3D simultaneously.  One GTX 470 can't handle it at good framerates.  You need a dual card configuration to get anywhere close to playable.  Maybe they expect you to upgrade with a second video card later?  But that still doesn't make sense, cuz the PSU is a paltry 850 watts.  Yeah, this build just plain doesn't make sense, unless you stick with one monitor.



Show me a modern two-card machine that requires more than 850 watts.

Of course, even a pair of 7970s doesn't do a good job at 3D-surround at 1080p w/ max settings.

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