Authors of Sykipot Malware Seem Curious About U.S. Drones



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It never ceases to amaze me that these systems are connected to the Internet. If I was working on a defense contract everything would be on its own network with NO connection to the web.



its usually not that the systems are connected to the internet, but that either computers connected to the systems are connected to the internet or computers connected to those computers are connected to the internet. The virus are designed to hop from private network to private network until they find something valuable. 

All it takes is for one person to get lazy or stupid and plug in a usb stick to an unauthorized computer. The article more read as the air force bragging that they were able to succesfully detect and trace an attack without actually being compromised as if only the net connected computers were infected and not anything valuable.



FYI - type-o in first sentence

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