Australia is Home to Nearly 5 Million Digital Pirates



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idk how they came up with the figures. maybe aussies are good seeders?



Well, my Maximum PC dead tree subscription is up for renewal. This article sealed it.

When Max PC starts parroting (Repeating mechanically) the trash put out by the entertainment industry it is time to move on and vote with my $$.

Bye Max PC   Kick Ass --> Lame Ass



4 out of 4 copyright lawyers have been shown to be stuffed with bat guano!



4 out of 4 copyright lawyers have been shown to be stuffed with bat guano.



I can,t believe that almost 1/4 of the population of Australia are pirates. Someone is bullshitting us big time.



"Some 5 million Aussie scallywags pillaged television shows, music, and other online content that supposedly cost the related industries a combined $900 million."

Yeah sure, they're never going to prove numbers like that. It's probably somewhat accurate relating to the amount of downloaded content, but whether or not the people would've actually paid for it is another story. In other words $900 million is considerably higher than what the industries actually lost from their bank accounts.



When are you guys going to stop being stooges for the copyright regime and start speaking the truth? This study was already shown to be bogus on other sites, as it was paid for by a copyright group who wanted these results, thus, came up with a "study" to show what they wanted.

Keep in mind, because I know this seems to be hard for you, but a download does not equal a lost sale. If that was the case, then ever product that ever gets a bad review is a lost sale, and MaximumPC should be sued for every person who reads one of your bad reviews and doesn't purchase the product, as you are responsible for that lost sale. Shame on you MaximumPC for destroy companies with your bad reviews of their bad products.

So stop spreading the lies, or get ready for some major lawsuits from you causing lost sales. Pick one, because you can't have it both ways.



I hate articles like this (but I love Max PC); these industries are not really losing this money. They never had the money to lose; all this is an unsumption that people really did want to buy their product at all.  They numbers are inflated to say the least. I understand that Pirating hit’s the bottom line of companies, but these industries really need to find other methods of promoting and selling their services. What we see is the people fighting back, from being gouged for so many years. There are plenty of examples of bands and movie makers, software providers, giving away their products and people being so moved by that they made more than they would have if they were to have charged for it.



G'day matey! Yar!

When are we going to stop believing the industry's "loss" figures? And when are we going to stop reporting those ridiculous figures as facts? I think it's been pretty well documented over and over and over again that an illegal download != a lost sale.


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