Audioengine Announces N22 Desktop Audio Amplifier



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I guess I just don't see the appeal of something like this. For anyone going to this level ($250), why not pick up a 5.1 channel A/V receiver and a cheap set of surround speakers. Stereo sound is nice for music, but really only music. If you want an immersive gaming experience, or the ability to fill a room with sound, you need more than 2 speakers. I know not everyone has the ability to have a 10 speaker system w/ powered subwoofer. But for $250, you can do better than this.


Bullwinkle J Moose

When the internal amp died on my  $100 Klipsch computer speakers, I just grabbed a $20 USB powered pair of crappy speakers at Best Buy, and just used the Amp which then made the Klipsh speakers "Portable"

They actually sound really good!  So good in fact, I bought a few more of these little wonders

I now have a mini ITX case with an Internal USB amp plugged into the motherboard USB header along with two tiny but good sounding speakers attached to the inside of the case

The case is the newest one from and attaches to the back of an LCD with VESA mounts

I also have a 3rd USB powered amp for my Bike as they come with a 4-AAA battery pack with a USB jack

I wish motherboard makers would add 5 Volt amps to their motherboards as they do not use any power when you are not using them and sound great when you do!



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