Audi Cam Lets You Bug Your Mechanic via Video Stream



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I don't know how it works on the other side of the pond, but I have been in my fair share of shops in the states over the years. This would be a disaster. 90% of the time your car is sitting in the shop it isn't being worked on. Your mechanic is either waiting for parts, reviewing a manual, shooting the shit with his buddies, or taking a dump.

I would love to see some soccer mom sitting in the waiting room watching her mechanic take a dump while checking out a porno mag.



"This is God Speaking - if you want to go to heaven, listen carefullly: I command you to replace the entire engine of the car you working on with chromed parts, put in a blower, add a nitrous system, then rotate the tires... then bill the whole shebang as an oil change."



This would be a disaster.  If you are taking your car to a mechanic, that means you don't know how to fix it.

If you don't know how to fix it, the only thing you can do is slow down the mechanic, not help him.

I do not like it when users play 20 million questions with me when I am trying to fix their computer.



These guys probably get paid like $80 / hour.  Screw them if they feel annoyed.



Most of them don't even make half of that $80/hr you think they should be paid.  But even if they did make that much money why would that mean people can annoy them.  Besides in the states these guys get paid by flat rate and if they are wasting time talking with you they can't make any money.  So you would be annoying them and taking money out of their pocket. 



$131k a year as a "Master Mechanic" makes me rethink whether I should be going into debt for law school. I'll be lucky to make $131k a year when I graduate, not to mention the crazy hours I'd have to work to make that. 

For the "math," it works out to about $65/hr if you use 40hr weeks and 2 weeks of vacation. It only goes up with more vacation, which is always a possibility with a German-owned company. Either way, the mechanics are doing alright.

As far as people bugging their mechanics, I don't see it being a common problem. I'm sure there are some people who will bug the mechanics or service managers regardless of whether the mechanic is wired. And if one mechanic has multiple cars he's working on, to counter-act the parts delay, etc. mentioned above, who's going to sit in a waiting room and watch a tech work on someone elses car? Most people don't wait at the dealership for anything more involved than an oil change.

I think the underlying motive might be legal liability. I don't know about Audi dealerships in Europe, but most service shops here will take a customer out into the shop to see their vehicle and get explanations if they ask to. But by going out onto the floor, the shop exposes itself to liability if the customer gets hurt. Having the cameras/mikes for each mechanic might cost a good amount up front, but it's a lot cheaper than dealing with injured customers who sue. /legal rant



They make more money than I do, therefore they deserve to be annoyed while working. 






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