AU Optronics to Appeal LCD Price Fixing Verdict



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What displays does AU Optronics have a hand in producing, for future reference? Anyone know?



It's very difficult to avoid getting a display by a particular manufacturer.

There are about 9 companies in the world that actually manufacture the glass panels that go in LCD monitors because it is a very expensive and difficult process that requires billions of dollars in specialized equipment.

Most companies that make monitors and make laptops do not make their own glass panels. For example : Dell, Viewsonic, ASUS, HP and Acer do not make their own glass panels. They buy glass panels from other manufacturers and supply the case and the electronics.

For the cheap monitors (less than $200), manufacturers will frequently switch what glass panel supplier they use simply based on what is cheapest at the time of the production run. It's not uncommon to buy two monitors that have the same model number, set them side-by-side, and find out they have completely different brightness and color characteristics.

More expensive LCD monitors switch suppliers too but typically the glass panel requirements for those, as set by the monitor maker, are considerably higher and the monitor makers go to efforts to ensure consistency between production runs.

Laptop LCDs are generally the same way, particularly for the consumer models (for the business models, like the Dell Latitude, great effort goes into ensuring consistency of parts between production runs to reduce the stock of parts that large IT departments have to keep).



They are the OEM supplier for some Sony TVs...


Ghost XFX

They do more with replacements, I think...



fair enough

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