AT&T's Worst Nightmare, Judge May Delay T-Mobile Merger Case



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AT&T must DIE)))

best regards




"The Justice Department’s argument is that expedited proceedings were no longer needed since AT&T had pulled its FCC application for the merger"

LOL! Awesome. The slick lawyer move they pulled to try and sneak their way through came back and bit them in the rear. Love it.   :)

Hopefully the gov't realizes this is not in the best interest of the consumer, or the industry at large. Hopefully they're reading up in the history books about the last time they had to break AT&T apart.



Can anyone please explain to me why such a terrible company was allowed to even EARN 39 billion, let alone enough to buy another massive company WITH cushion to fall back on if it fails?



America Telephone and Telegraph

probably because of the name america.



Good. As someone currently serving their two year sentence with ATT I think competition is the only thing keeping my rates down. The fewer companies they can gobble up, the better.



Exactly. I'm with sprint and it seems the only thing keeping us from tiered data plans is the competition. One less competitor means higher rates in my book and I already pay enough for a family plan. Besides, why doesn't AT&T spend that money to upgrade thier network instead of trying to gobble up the competition to upgrade thier network? Sounds to me they just want the monopoly so they can rape its customers even harder. If the merger goes through, I'll stand outside my local AT&T store giving out free bottles of K-Y to new customers as they walk out the door as thier free gift!



I am with Sprint too so there's no lost love for AT&T.

I hope this whole thing is blocked and that Sprint moves ahead with their jump to LTE while maintaining WiMax.

We can only hope...

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