AT&T's Second Android Phone is Locked Down Too



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This is exactly why we're switching to Verizon.


AT&T+Apple=Phat Phail


HTC Incredible, here I come. 



it sounds like ATT has been sleeping in Apple's bed a little too long... they are so used to users having no options they don't know how to let people do what they



just sayin but on the voice and data at the same time thing. att isnt only one that can do it ive been doin it on sprint for a few phones now. but ya i agree att androids suck. i work for them and cant stand them and are so buggy as well. stock is never fun thats y i rooted my samsung moment android really can be so much more the  iphone os when u want to be able to customize and develope



You can buy an unlocked Nexus One to use with AT&T, and AT&T can't do a damn thing about it as far as locking it down, so you can have the full Android meal.  Also T-Mo can do the voice and data at the same time because both carriers use the same technology.  As far as speed goes T-Mo's upgrading their 3G towers, and so far here in Orlando, FL I get 5.85 MBPS downloads on it.  That's pretty fast in my book.


MdX MaxX

Damn.  I'm sure they'll do the same with the new Samsung Captivate as well.

Once I get a job I'm switching to T-Mobile and getting a Galaxy S or a Nexus One.
(I'm 16 BTW) 



I had been holding out for AT&T to get onboard with the Android phones.  When I first heard about the new Aria, I had a bit of hope.  However, its specs weren't even close to that of the Nexus One and Incredible.  I then switched to Verizon and ordered a Droid Incredible.  This piece of news only confirms that I made the right choice.



The ONLY reason to go with AT&T is because they can do simultaneous data and voice. Once other carriers hit 4g, there will be nothing but the iPhone keeping people on AT&T. Hopefully the rumors are true about a Verizon phone in September.



EVO 4g FTW!!!!!!!!!! Oh and unlimited calls to any cellphone and unlimited (truly unlimited) data and tethering and my city actually getting 4g.



Not surprising in the least.



If you want an android phone go to Verizon or sprint (getting an evo at the end of the month :D ). At&t wouldn't be a company anymore if they didn't have the iphone.

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