AT&T's First Android Phone Doesn't Allow Non-Market Apps



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Sprint baby.....SPRINT!!!!



till we have root access on this phone?



I am an AT&T customer, I know, I know... Anyway, having owned more than a couple of handsets from their stable I can tell you they modify their firmware every time. At one point they even removed the early version of the HTC interface from one of their phones and left the barren WinCE in its place, with all their bloatware of course.

 All I can say is long live XDA!

 Hopefully the Android community will be as dedicated.



I can't believe how nuts AT&T is.  The very reasons to get an Android phone ripped out and locked down like some toy Apple device.  I have one of these getting delivered today and there is no doubt I will refuse delivery now that I have read all the debachery they have inflicted on this poor phone.


Keith E. Whisman

Perhaps ATT somehow fears having to be financially responsible for tech support for non market apps. But again that makes no sense. I think they just don't want to provide all that good of a service. They want to make your experience with them a terrible one. I think that is what drives them. I do believe ATT is the oldest telephone company in existance dating back to the Bells. Like here in Phoenix you had a choice on what phone carrier you wanted it was Mountain Bell or Mountain Bell and the phone, you had to get it from Mountain Bell. Only they sold phones. I believe ATT started business as an long distance company.



Ohh AT&T, why do you have to make it so easy to hate you?  Either AT&T is doing Apple a service by making the Android app that much lamer or they dislike their customers.

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