AT&T's First Android Phone Ditches Traditional Hinge, Google Apps



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Well, this is really shitty!! Makes me want to  dump att and go to a service provider that doesn't screw up the best features the android has to offer!!



 When is a Goggle Powered Smart Phone not?

When it's made by AT&t

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Really AT&T?  Really?  What the heck is Motorola and AT&T thinking?  Introduce an Android phone late, then have a crappy processor on it with an old version of Android, oh, then let's take most of the best Google features off the phone.  Idiots.



 Not to mention a poor designed phone! Keypad/board on the outside and uncovered... I'd really like to ask the design team what they were thinking. That setup is just asking for a damaged keyboard!


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I saw the words ATT and Android and I was excited. Then I saw that the phone looks crappy and doesn't have any Google apps. I want my Gmail! ATT, you screwed over a phone that could have been sort of kind of good. Thanks.



I disliked this phone more and more as I read this article, but it was salvageable up until the part about no Google apps.

Not everyone uses Google's stuff, true, but the people going for an Android phone almost definitely do. Either disconnect it entirely from Google and stop tying it to a Google account, or let the normal array of Google Apps on the phone.



I have to agree, whats the point in getting a "Google Enabled" phone with out the apps.  Sure you can go to the market place and get them, but that makes no sense.  I think this is AT&Ts way of trying to lure people from Verizon with look we have an "Android" phone too.  I wonder if this stripped down phone had anything to do with the agreement between AT&T and Apple!



I think this is a result of the AT&T/Apple partnership.  Seems like they're going out of their way to do the bare minimum required, to call this thing an Android phone.


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