AT&T to Windows Phone 7 Users: Don't Touch That MicroSD Card



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Yes, I have a Samsung Focus. Yes, I installed my own 8GB microSD card and now have 16GB of memory. I had to look at the quick start guide to figure out what to do. I remember it consisting of pressing and holding the power, volume down, and camera button for like 15 seconds. I was then prompted about formatting the card and losing all the data on it.

In the end, though, it worked like a charm.



So apparently Microsoft's argument holds a little bit of weight and the microSD companies are to blame. At least in the case of Kingston. Check this article out for more details:

  h t t p  ://tinyurl . com/yk2hjoz

Also, there are a few reports on which microSD cards seem to work and oddly enough higher speed ratings dont mean a better experience. In many cases quite the opposite. The best high capacity microSD card out there in terms of consistency and reliability seems to be the class 2 SanDisk 32GB microSD. Did not figure that. This is where I got my info - 

   h t t p : / / tinyurl . com / 2gx7s6z



Bullshit, they use class4 micro sd cards in phones just get a class 6-10 and you should be good. At&t = full of shit.



Incident count is skyrocketing out of control. Many of the people who wake up to just 15MB of storage are using Class 6 or higher, or they're using a 32G card...this also mean complete loss of data. Fortunately, other people only suffer performance degradation. It fully depends on which card you put in the phone.

Besides, everybody knows a SanDisk Class 2 will outperform a Kingston Class 4.



Absolutely agree.  This is another example of a company trying to (or wanting to) sell a "certified" product that is actually the same as the cheap product you can pick up from Monoprice or other retail outlet.

"Wait...don't touch that...because...urmm...serious side know."



yea.. but do you know who makes a class 6 32GB microSD? Sandisk doesn't even make a class 4 version. The highest rating I've seen for a 32GB microSD card is class 4 from Kingston. Could someone enlighten us on what they could possibly mean by the speed rating not being the only determining factor?

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