AT&T, Verizon Opt Out of 50GB Dropbox Promotion for Samsung Galaxy S III



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OK Verizon, you have officially lost your mind. I look forward to leaving when my contract is up.



Of course AT&T and Verizon opt out. Anything less would be providing good customer service and they just can't have that.

There's no way these two Data-Whores would ever participate in anything that may move data over their precious networks.



I'd like to see Verizon make its way up to the top of the Worst Company of the Year list on Consumerist. Unfortunately, since EA beat out BofA this year, that contest has no credibility.

Let's recap:
- Verizon will start monitoring your internet traffic in July via their (and others') Six Strikes policy
- Verizon charges you extra for LTE, but offers no new equipment that doesn't have LTE with no options to opt-out of LTE.
- Verizon used to give you $30 for phone trade-ins. Now they bump the cost of new phones up $30 -- essentially forcing you to give them your old phone for free (and probably harvesting off the unwiped data from many users)
- Verizon charges you $0.18 per text message even when you pay for a data plan!
- Verizon offers a piss poor selection of handsets and bastardized versions of good ones (See 'HTC One' becoming Incredible LTE blah blah edition)
- Verizon offers no unlimited data despite research showing data caps provide no network relief (it's just a profit scheme)
- Verizon charges extra for tethering even though you're already paying for data.

I'm probably missing some others. Point is, how much will people put up with just for a reliable network? Seems like quite a bit...



Verizon probably is kludging together a 'free' version that would never be able to compete against this promotional one. Probably another plan that they can leverage to ruin those who don't have unlimited data anymore.

Besides, Verizon does nothing for consumers if it means it would cost them so much as a dime. Rollouts for ICS anyone?

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