AT&T Tries to Get Verizon "Map for That" Ads Pulled From the Air



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All of you losers are ignorant. Verizon doesn't even have 3G, they just call it 3G because it's the fastest speed they can get. Try traveling to Europe. Now they have TRUE 3G! It's like watching a 90 year old trying to race an 18 year old compared to the European network and this garbage CDMA network. The verizon phones don't even say 3G service on the screen while in the U.S., but they do when in Europe with full bars even in the mountains.



 "Wahhhhhh Verizon is being mean! Their not comparing our 2.5G to their 3G! Wahhhhhh"


What i find funny is the Big V isn't ripping iphones, look how the misfit toys praise the iPhone. They only rag on the carrier...


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"If customers think they can't make calls in the vast majority of the country ... that could do us irreparable harm."

Thats my favorite part, because it is basically true. Dallas, Texas has great ATT 3G, yet it still works like shit (why I switched)



For fuck's sake ATT.  Stop your bitching.  If you fixed your coverage area so those of us who have iPhones won't get F'd in the A when we get into BFE country and forced to wait for something to download like traffic or weather when it would matter.  Also, stop dropping calls, I got a full bar with 3G listed and the call gets dropped to and from a land line.  So Suck it ATT, keep it up Verizon, maybe ATT will finally fix something if you keep pointing it out.

Steve Jobs is the Devil and believes he doesn't have any service in a gray area :)


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this company are liers crooks they have robed me years ago charging me 150 for garbage service that i did not order then this filty company had the balls to ruin my credit report at&t i hope you go broke and

suffer, all you people stay away from this compay there service is garbage everyone please cancel your service with this company stay away from this junk company

verizon keep going distroy this company



It is true, The AT&T coverage sucks compaired to Verizon. I would like to try an iPhone but if they gave me 50 free iPhones I would not get off of Verizon and go back to AT&T.



 I simply love this "You push me, I push you" attitude these companies seem to enjoy. And I also find it very refreshing to see companies other than Apple lie in their commercials.






There is no lie. The map shows 3G coverage and the commercial clearly states it is a map of 3G coverage. I fail to see the lie.



 Sorry, I meant 'the mis-representation of the facts' which could be called lying at times. Verizon does make AT&T out to be Bob's House of Phones iin the commercials when really, they're not.






What mis-representation of facts? Verizon is comparing their 3G serive to ATT 3G service. The maps displayed are spot on accurate. The only mis-representation is from ATT whining about it. ATT just fix your network and provide nationwide 3G serive like Verizon and Sprint does and problem is solved.



Guess where AT&T mobile's headquarters are. Atlanta. In the state of Georgia (I lived in the atlanta metro area a year ago) judges are typically elected instead of nominated and approved by the local congress. Elected officials, Judges included, no doubt have their campaign treasuries filled with corporate donations. Georgia tends to be very "pro-business", which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But this... this reeks of venue shopping. AT&T has been incredibly generous to me in my current unemployed state, so I don't plan on switching from them anytime soon, even though I specifically elected not to go on a contract. (I paid for my phone up front.)

Nonetheless, this behavior is simply wrong.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.

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