AT&T Sends Throttling Warning To Heavy Data Users



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$25 for 2gb + $10/gb thereafter? Are you shitting me? That's nothing short of criminal. The USA is supposed to be a first class industrialized country. How can you even think of competing with prices like that. That's a shadey business practice if I've ever heard of one. Bell and all the others should have the shit regulated out of them. It's clear they're in the business of gouging and not serving consumers in turn for a reasonable profit. Feel sorry for you guys. All your corporations seem to have you by the balls.



I don't know who is killing who.  Netflix killing Telco's, or Telco's killing NetFlix.

All I know is consumers are stuck in the middle.

Bandwidth shortages are a fallacy anyway, at least at the top tiers.  If they don't have the bandwidth, inexpensively, then they are just plain doing it wrong.



Not only is this an attempt to get more money from their customers, but its also designed to put a dent in video streaming services such as Netflix because satellite and cable are losing customers.  These companies will either have to adapt to service its customers or be destroyed... resistance is futile!



 In this day and age, More and More people and items that reliy on broad band data caps are senceless, Its just an other tool for them to suck more dollars from us,,

This is going to turn out one of 3 ways,

One way is you cant afford the plan and will have to drop back to the old style of call and texting if they have they still sell the phones that do this, in which I last check are getting fewer by the year, And soon all one can get is a Data plan phone if you like it or not,,

 Two, Get a per pay phone and pay as you can afford it,

 Three, Yeah they do away with the ban caps and pay a nice anual price and every body is happy, They make money by the amount of customers on a globle scale,,

 Number three would be to easy, and these companys really dont like happy people, they would have to lay off a buch of customer service people,



In the class-action lawsuit of Hart v. Comcast, Comcast lost. Is this thing that AT&T doing of similar ilk?



All this hype about video calling will also break the data caps. If they want data caps then the minimum will have to be 100GB.



In other news, AT&T still ranks among the worst for customer satisfaction among wireless carriers.  Okay I don't know if that's true or not.



AT&T can #### themselves.



Typical at&t, want you to pay for a service, but they don't want you to actually use it.



well said.



second that motion!


P.S. Ha Ha AT&T switched service to Time Warner for my internet. So NO data capping me. :)

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