AT&T Rolls Out Jelly Bean Update for Motorola Atrix HD



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Would be more exciting if it was Motorola announcing an ICS update for the original Atrix 4G. I'm not impressed...

I will be impressed if they hold true and actually keep upgrading instead of dropping devices after the first update. Motorola, you have a lot to prove to make up for past poor upgrading (and lying)



Wow dude let it go. The Atrix is almost 2 years old, let it go man.

Google dropped support for the Nexus One and Nexus S before the 2 year well as the Xoom.

Besides nothing is stopping you from unlocking it and upgrading it yourself to Jelly Bean(screw ICS) except laziness. So how about you stop being a lazy slob and actually doing something about it hmm?

On a side note you wanna know why ICS never came? Do you even care? No? Well its kinda hard to expect a update when the whole team working on it was laid off when Google took over now isn't it? They had a working build sent to Att for testing too...... Att rejected it and then the whole team was fired. So how about YOU apply to work at Moto and finish(oh Btw all that work was destroyed, you'll have to start from scratch) the ICS update instead of bitching about things you don't understand.



The upgrade was promised barely a year from it's release and killed off at the 1.5 year mark. It wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the fact that I still have until Aug 2013 before my contract's up (I'm likely to just buy a new device and leaning towards the Nexus 4.)

I don't know of any of the conspiracy theories regarding a complete build being submitted to ATT and rejected however since there was never any official announcements of what happened and unless you are a developer at Moto I can't see any real credibility in your statement.

Also, not all of it was destroyed. There were two 'leaks' that were pulled off of development servers with October and November build dates. All or most of the debug code is running, no source to build from and very inconsistent and buggy results for all Atrix users the only real consistencies being mostly high battery drain and high heat.

As far as the ICS and JB builds for the Atrix goes, without good source for the kernels most of the builds are pretty weak or unstable. epinter's CM10 seems to be the best but it lacks a stable camera, which I use often (I have kids) and even though it's much smoother than GB with HWA the lack of HWA makes gaming nearly impossible. I've tried most of the other ROM's including the GB based CM7 just to gain some of the additional features like FLAC support and a more customization in the UI but even the most stable (CM7.2) still has some very annoying quirks and instabilities that keeps me from wanting to use it full time. Plus I haven't been able to get any of the DRM'd content (except Netflix) to work with the pudding based bootloader so I've reverted back to the full stock via the original SBF.



Trust me I'm way more involved than you think.

Btw, here's the rejected build. The ones you know of were the last to come out and we're never submitted.



If this were to announce that HTC Inspire $g was getting ICS (not likely), I'd be happy. Instead, everyone and their mother at HTC claims the Inspire 4G cant handle ICS. Yet I personally know people who HAVE ICS on their Inspire 4G, and that's only because they rooted it. and guess what? IT WORKS PERFECTLY! The again..I'm getting rid of the Inspire 4G soon as the speaker plain SUCKS, so I can just simply wait out the next best thing.



Not only can it handle ICS but it can handle JB. Because I'm rocking it now. Posting this from my inspire.

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