AT&T Points Finger at Alcatel for Slow Uploads



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When ya start pointin' fingers at someone, you have three fingers pointing right back at ya!!! As mah momma used to say.......



I work for a prominent pharmaceuticals company. If our products ended up killing people because some machine failed and caused contamination we would be at fault. We wouldn't be saying "I'm sorry, this isn't our fault. Cogsleys cogs sold us bad equipment." It is up to AT&T to make sure their equipment is working properly. If they fail to make sure its working properly then it is their fault. When the consumer points out the mistake it is always the vendors fault. If the vendor spots the problem before it reaches the consumer THEN it can be blamed on the manufacturer of the equipment. But thats not what happened. AT&T denied there was any problem at all until it was so overwhelming that they had to admit it. Thats pretty much what happens with everything both they and apple do though, so it should come as no surprise.



..."less bars..." that's fewer bars.



AT&T and Apple love to just point the finger at anyone but themselves don't they? But IMHO, it's the shitty ass iphone with the shitty ass network that's to blame.

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