AT&T One-Ups Comcast with 20GB (not 120GB) Bandwidth Cap



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First it was Comcast with this ridiculous strategy now AT&T. I don't get it why the F@%( companies do this, that's why us as consumers support them so they can improve with their services. By limiting the bandwith is not helping at all. Hopefully other companies don't start with this pathetic strategy. I know the cap is 100-250GB's but the limitation is still there, it just does'nt feel comfortable. Just like the internet is not limited to media, the ISP's should not have limited bandwidth caps. So please NO LIMITATIONS for something we are paying for. There's better ways to improve their services by improving their equipment. For now, stay away from companies with limitations so they can learn a lesson.



of course this will work, 20 gb for granny and uncle blah blah getting thier email and weather reports is fine.


hope they are atleast smart enough to provide thier customers with a meter...


when did the internet company become a cab company?



we knew companies would follow suit when it came to this cap business.



what we didnt think ahead for is that one of those morons (i mean that in the best possible way, im sure your all nice people who want your customers to enjoy the best service for the lowest cost while you smile....right?) would eventually see just how far they could push this. 20 gb for a 768k connection... well i could see it working i suppose...



assume you were a pirate downloading movies. whats a movie? 700mb compressed?. thats less than 1 a day... most people i know dont watch a new movie everyday.



So lets smile and wave and only slightly grimace as were bent over and shafted. cause it dosent hurt... much... yet. you watch though... another company will try to push this further if we stand for it. largest ISP in the US and if we stay bent over and only cry a bit and tolerate this, they will just think were ok with it and keep it up or more likely get worse.


so now i have to wonder how easily at&t customers can sit down after being so thouroughly worked over.


Peanut Fox

It seems really odd to me that bandwidth has been free with slowly increases in speed.  Now as it becomes easily available, to the point where most anyone can have it.  It suddenly becomes a pay by the GB scenario.  These actions do nothing for innovation, and I can't see them being good for anyone, not even ISPs.  The worst thing about AT&Ts setup, is they intend to impose a cap on folks paying for the

premium service.  Sigh.....sad sad sad.



Maybe I will pass up on that AT&T branded iPhone.   



You have got to be fucking kidding me. You sure you didn't make a typo? 200, not 20?



im sorry but his is bull shit

if i pay for 6mbs per month i expect that to be delivered.

AT&T just lost a potential costomer, i'm sticking with Chater.



I was going to AT&T from comcast... now there is no point.

 I know I don't hit 250gb, but my network is shared between me and 4 other people. more stuff in general is moving online, and that is going to take more bandwidth

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