AT&T May Sell Off Assets to Seal T-Mobile Deal



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How would you like to be one of AT&Ts customers sold to some small, and arguably worse, provider so that AT&T could move on to ruining another cell provider?

This is not a deal that will foster competition and anyone who believes that it will must have taken some serious lobbying money from AT&T.  They're not trying to purchase T-Mobile in order to launch some big price war against the other two majors - Sprint and Verizon. 

If there's going to be a price war, it'll be one against the consumer waged by the cell companies.  In other words, it'll get worse than it already it.  More fees, less service, longer contracts, no legal recourse, etc.

Screw AT&T and screw the FCC et al if this is allowed to go through



Do you think that the deal will go through in the end?

Of course it will.  AT&T donates more money to politicians than any other corporation or group.



Meh, AT&T's mobile service still sucks no matter what deals they make.  My family and I still get horrible reception trying to make long-distance calls throughout the state.  We could be like 100 ft. from where we're calling to and there's still a good chance that a call "Skypes" or completely drops out.



AT&T's LTE plans would NOT be hurt. (that is actually a tough list of acronyms to type out without error LOL)Unless they chose to again shoot themselves in the foot

Remember, It was only going to cost them that same 6 billion to do the expansion all by themselves the T Mobile buy was all about killing competition, not building out LTE coverage. They CHOSE not to expand LTE coverage on their own, and only LATER asked to buy T-mo.



The best part of this article is the picture. I love it ... ain't it the truth.



Actually the AT&T logo as the Death Star concept is almost 30 years old. It was first made in the Bloom County comics, shortly after the logo first appeared when AT&T was first broken up into regional phone systems in the early 80's.


h e x e n

I remember when AT&T was Southwestern Bell as a kid. Slowly, surely and quietly, they have continued to reacquire and merge with the factions they were split into in the 80's. It's the same company over and over and over again, just changing its name and buying up more assets.

Why, it's almost like they're trying to obtain the same status they held before the Antitrust lawsuit: The monopoly juggernaut. But naaaaaaah...... I mean come on. AT&T, those good ol boys?

lolz AT&T, you're not fooling anyone.

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