AT&T Launches Wi-Fi "Hotzone" Prototype in Times Square



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I really like this idea!  Just think, getting that many people in one spot dropping calls and connections at once should cause a mob scene that might finally finish off AT&T once and for all!


Have you ever wondered why intelligence can normally be found in an individual, but runs screaming in terror from a group? Though, there are exceptions...



Translation: Because our NYC cell service sucks balls we're going to give you a free hotspot so you can actually use the device you pay $60-$100 a month for. 


The Addictor

Yes, but only within this 2 block radius! We hope that this *small* appreciation for your business makes us look like a better company than we really are, and hope that one day, our iPhone monopolistic and horrible portable web surfing software products, and inability to listen to customers about bait-and-switch and software problems with common phones such as the LG Arena, you too will lock yourself into a 2 year expensive-to-break contract with us. But don't expect us to update firmware often enough, nor with what you actually need updated, because we're too big of a company to listen to you little guys when you say there are actual problems with the software. Again, we thank you for your business. Now, please bend over to receive your complimentary a-list for bumping upto 1400 minutes, which now you won't even use the lower 700 minutes tier because your top 10 clears out all of those minutes you normally would have used, and when you roll-over, you'll have so many minutes crammed up your a-list, you'll go running to Verizon in a fit of lunacy wondering why you didn't switch earlier! Happy surfing!

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