AT&T to Launch Windows Phone 7 Devices on November 8



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According to, the speculation is that the Windows Phone 7 HD3 (aka HD7) might be in T-Mobile stores on Nov. 17th, that's a mere 10-days after the AT&T launch. A leaked T-Mobile document also shows HD3 accessories arriving in their stores on Nov 1, so one would think that Nov is the release month. Verizon and Sprint will follow when CDMA support is added in early 2011.



Windows Phone? Awesome. AT&T? Sucks ass.  I will absolutely not get a phone with AT&T's crap service.



I can't believe I've been waiting all summer long for the new Windows smartphone, only to discover that AT&T will be the initial carrier to offer the phone.

Well, guess I will go down to Sprint and pickup my new android phone. I sure as hell don't intend to switch back to AT&T just for an OS, otherwise I'd have an Iphone.



Microsoft already has a challenge competing with the iPhone and Android for market shares, so picking AT&T for their carrier probably wasn't a good move.




I was hoping to hold out for Windows Phone 7 to come out on the Verizon network but I guess I'm going to be going with the Droid X as my AT&T contract is up and AT&T's 3G coverage is pitiful.

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