AT&T Hands Man $28,000 Internet Bill for Watching a Football Game



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Ouch. I think Wayne Burdick will think twice before he starts to watch his favorite team again. I think that with these money one can easily buy Champions League tickets in the front seats. Still, it's a good thing that he managed to pay "just" $28,000



I'm not surprised. AT&T flat out lies about their data rate for the mobile broadband.

I had the "unlimited plan", which I guess when I purchased it, it truly was "unlimited", but they've since limited this to something like 5GB.

I found this out when I tried to cancel (changed jobs), but I was still on contract. OK, fine. So I decreased to the lowest plan to wait out two more months before cancelling; but then AT&T retroactively billed me for the preceding month for my 20GB of data useage at something like 5 cents per MB... Let's just say my eyeballs bugged out when I got a $10,000 + cell phone bill.

This got fixed, but it's just one of 10 different issues that's eaten up entire days of my life wasted talking to AT&T customer disservice over the last couple months.



Rather be a Lions fan than have to live in Boston ;)



I am a Lions fan (Yes, I am proud to admit it) and I am in no way offended...this is just an instance of jumping on the Lions bashing band wagon.  But this was an interesting story.



No bandwagon basher here. Growing up in Massachusetts and watching the Celtics battle the 'bad boy' Pistons in the 80s, I've grown very fond of hating on Detroit. The Lions just happen to make it all too easy. =P

-Paul Lilly



You know, I'd really be offended as a Lions fan, since before most of you were born, if all of this wasn't true...


Try to be smarter than the object you're working with! It will make things easier, and might just save your life...



I'd be offended if I was a Lions fan too, but for an entirely different reason.

-Paul Lilly

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