AT&T Fires Back Against Verizon for Colorful Maps in 3G Commercials



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Honestly people like to mouth off about 3G coverage and they probably never gone anywhere else in the U.S. to see how reliable the telecom coverage is. Because in the southwest verizon is better cuz the towers can handle it while at&t and sprint just overload and lock people out...although there are times when it does drop calls its still more reliable. Also thanks to vodafone (a 45% owner of verizon) there are sim cards in the droid 2 global and droid pro. So at&t is the money hog demanding a kidney for a downpayment...take that fanbois!!!!



you're prior comments sound ignorant and without details. I've compared the blackberry phone's speed on verizon to the iphone on att and att is significantly faster and smooth. I can pull up a 10-k report on the iphone in the blink on an eye while my brand new tour (supposely the best blackberry ever) timed out, and died because the network was too slow. Sounds like you guys' experience on the verizon network is mainly for texting. I just came back from Spain as well, and was on a real network. It's called Vodafone, and is real 3G and my phone says 3G while back in the US. My phone does not say 3G. Verizon does not have true 3g and claim they have 3G. They claim they have more coverage which is a different statement than having a network that is quality. I'd rather have a faster network (quality),and less coverage, than a network with more coverage of a garbage network. Regardless, I've been on a true 3G network and trust me. Verizon does not have true 3G, and a verizon rep even said that they just call their highest speed a 3G speed.



For those who don't understand what At&t are sueing against let me make it clear.
In Verizons Commercial ad Verizon displays both coverage and 3g in their map while they only display AT&T's 3g coverage which on top of that isnt the only way they are giving internet to their customers.  As Mentioned they also have an EDGE network for certain participating cell phones.  

 Is it enough that AT&T has been around longer and has the market on Iphones?
Verizon just gave AT&T a low blow.  For those who aren't familiar to these statements they can look it up and compare AT&T's true services vs accusations!  So far AT&T and Verizon are the top 2 leading Cell Phone Companies;  and if you are going to base the way you spend your money on a commercial that is misleading vs's all the facts on how AT&T saves money and time and how they are making sure their customers get everything they need out of their network;  you can might as well go broke over a backstabbing company such as Verizon! 


AT&T's Customer service is much more Customer friendly than Verizon's Ever Was including when they dropped radio shack;  and they might as well drop contracts in other companies the same way! 



I had to clarify this for my wife just last night. While the commercial may be misleading for the uninformed, it is 100% accurate. I don't see how att has a leg to stand on in this one. Can you sue another company for advertising the truth? The funy thing is, att is pointing the finger at verizon and accusing them of doing things that there little baby apple does every day. If I had a dollar for every semi truth apple has spouted in a commercial I would be a rich man.

 AT&T: Take care of your customers and spend some money upgrading your network instead of crying when other carriers point out just how inferior your service really is.



i was actually about to say what you sed in ur last little paragraph there..instead of pouting cuz their network sucks and filing a lawsuit about a commercial tht totally accurate and tru (although still deceiving to the uninformed) maybe AT&T should do some work on improving 3G coverage and dropped calls



Apple will be airing "There is an app to fix tha Gap app" soon. There have apps for everything, including an apps for getting connection in place where there is no AT&T 3G coverage.

There is also an apps to make iphone as inflatable device when drown yourself in sea.

There is also an apps for weight loss

apps to keep you company that created by empire club.



I realize I may be coming from a different point of view (AT&T Sucks!  Verizon Sucks!  There, I said it!), but wouldn't it make more sense to spend the money they're going to waste to go into court over this on actually improving customers service?  I'm seeing all of these complaints about how much their network is too slow or doesn't work, and hear all this talk of repealing their unlimited plans - but they have the money to sue?


The best way to win over customers is to listen to them give them what they want - if you have the best service in the world, if you consistently maintain it to be the best service in the world, and you keep it reasonably competitive to or lower than your competitors, People will come, and people will stay.  Don't waste your time suing Verizon, AT&T - you make yourselves look like douchebags and make customers like me want to go to Verizon.

(P.S.  Just because you have the world's best phone doesn't mean you don't suck!)


Black Lable 69

I've never seen so many lawsuits in such a short amount of time in my life. Indeed we are in troubled times, its getting to the point where 100 years from now getting a tattoo on your balls saying "Made in China" will get your ass fried.







The commercials aren't wrong. It clearly shows AT&T's 3G coverage map as it appears on AT&T's own site and Verizon is stating that they have better 3G coverage based on their service area. AT&T should suck it up and stop being a little b*tch!






"Semper Paratus"



I'm acutally suprised Apple isn't suing for ripping off the "theres an app for that" instead of app, verizon used map, but mabey At&T is suing too for that same reason 


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