AT&T Files Papers with FCC to Take Over T-Mobile Spectrum



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I hope they listen to the consumers and other companies that are against it. AT&T is terrible and I get no service to 1 bar inside my apartment. I had no trouble with my Razor through Altel, same with my current work cell through Verizon. I step out the door and get 1-2 bars. Upon exiting the parking lot I receive full bars. I live in a highly populated area and they show their coverage as excellent on their map but the signal strength is crap. They tried to convince me into signing up for a "free" signal booster but I declined because it would modify your contract. They're one of the most hated cell phone companies.



Let them buy t mobile, than let Verizon the greatest phone provider out there , buy att



simply put.... I HATE ATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I hope it gets denied. I don't want to end up paying more for less.

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