AT&T Files Papers with FCC to Hand Over AWS Spectrum to T-Mobile



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hopefully this will make them think twice before trying again.



I'm no fan of ATT but how does this help anything. T-mobile is still going to flounder and suffer. DT has pretty much stated by their actions that they have no further interest in continuing to keep the company, which means it has practically no more serious investment for continued improvement. So you would rather the towers get sold for scrap than be sold to ATT, what a waste. You can't sell it to sprint because then there's a major lawsuit over government bias against ATT. This was one case where big government was wrong. Sorry I hate ATT, but i hate waste even more, this should have been allowed. Now the equipment is just gonna rot.



get back to me when the equipment 'rots'. for now t-mobile is the only gsm competitor and their towers are being used by 33~ million users. it's a win in my book because :

- It left users with more choices (competition).
- It showed that big corporations shouldn't be presumptuous about making deals even when they have lobbyists.

I had talked to one of their support reps few months back and he was so sure that the merger was in the bag even after news had come out that FCC was leaning against it. Time will tell but I think T-Mobile might make use of the spectrum they received and invest some more.


Keith E. Whisman

Hell I didn't know T-Mobile was a German company. Shoot I thought it was as American as Apple pie and I mean USA American.

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