AT&T Fighting to Keep the iPhone Locked Down Until 2011



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Does it matter much if the iphone stays exclusive with At&t?  I mean if somebody wants to use it on another network they are able to.



Well, I personaly think that AT&T make wonderful partners, and they should remain closely connected.  In fact, they could be considered soul mates.  They are both companies that have a full product line that I have less than no use for, and generally find banned from my home.  There is one minor exception, Quicktime player.  I grudgingly allow that one to exist here, but only because I haven't found a good alternative.  Ok, I haven't really looked.  But other than that, both AT&T and Apple will forever remain other folks problems to me.



check out Quicktime Alternative.  They also have a Real Player Alternative as well.


i'm not an apple fanboy by any stretch, but I do love my iphone.  easily the best phone I've ever had.



Thanks for that reply, although I have heard of this, I never bothered to try it.  After reading your reply I decided to go ahead and do it and wow, that is awesome.   I should have gotten that a loooong time ago! haha



If it's just a codec issue do what I've done for the last year or so and install a codec pack. I use KLM Codec. It works for more then just apple junk. If you're offline and need to play a movie or what ever but your player doesn't have the codec the pack will auto load it for you. So you don't get that stupid error message. I still get it sometimes but that's because media player is retarded and wants to try and download it when I'm not online. I just click ok and KLM loads the codec and plays the movie.

If it's a player issue try VLC. It plays everything.

~No one said it would be easy....they just said it was worth it...~

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