AT&T Fails to Woo FCC with Proposed T-Mobile Merger



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Good. There must be some honest officials still left in govt. agencies. Talked to a att rep couple of months back and he was acting like the merger was a done deal. Sorry att, you will have to be content with an oligopoly.



true, the FCC has been about the only champions of consumer's rights for some time now. sadly, every other branch of our bought and paide for government moves to thwart them at every turn. congress even tried to pass laws to make internet neutrality regulations illegal in 2009.



Either that or the companies opposed to the merger were able to offer a bigger bribe than AT&T could...



Don't worry, the merger will still happen.  They'll just wait a few years and have at it again, same as happened when SBC bought the old AT&T to form this one back in 2005.  They first tried in 1997 and got shot down.



I think the failure of this merger is a very good thing.  That being said, I think there are significant differences between this merger and AT&T / SBC.

In 1997, Cell phones were new, expensive, and not ubiquitous - not yet an effective competitor to land lines, which still ruled the day; The idea of AT&T and SBC merging was  a bad idea - not very different than the situation with T-Mobile today.

By 2005, Cell phones were common, inexpensive, and everywhere.  Cable companies had jumped into the land line game, and VOIP phones (vonage, et al) were starting to appear.  Competition was coming from everywhere.  In 1997, AT&T wanted to merge with SBC for their landline business to dominate; in 2005, they wanted to merge with SBC for their landline business to survive.

I look forward to the day where AT&T resubmits for a merger because there is so much competition that prices have eroded to a point where they need to consolidate to survive.


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