AT&T Cracking Down on Free Tethering



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Zachary K.

frak that shit, they better step off. 4GBs of data? come on! mywi is far better than the crap they offer.



I use T-mobile on my unlocked Nokia N&C-series phones paying $45 a month with unlimited text, unlimited data and 600 anytime mins. If i run out of mins i can always make internet calls, using both integrated features and third-party solutions. Tethering also comes standard on these phones and T-mobile could care less if i use it.

My job slashes 30% off my Att bill if i choose to join them LOL. Maybe when hell freezes over





Or when att buys t-mobile for 39 billion.

I was an att customer back when they were cingular, and right when the first iphone came out. I was one of the unfortunate people who got shafted for a $1500+ phone bill. I was happy to switch to t-mobile when att/cingular couldnt figure out how to run a business.

T-mobile has a promo going on right now, that i suggest you get in on if it is better than your current plan, and you are able to upgrade into a new phone/cotract.

1500 anytime minutes, unlimited night/weekend minues, text, and data for $79.99. Go to a physical kiosk or store to ask about it. Might be on their website, not sure.



I think AT&T along with Verizon need to close up shop. Neither are worth a crap and greed is their middle name. 



Well, I recently switched to Verizon from AT&T.  Am I can say I am a much happier customer.  I am not only paying less, but I am getting more functionality out of my phone network.  As with AT&T I would get spotty signal, numerous dropped calls, texts that won't send, 3g that won't work.  I was not that impressed with AT&T and I had been a longtime customer. 

I feel the addition charge is probably alittle much considering you are go marking up the data package price by like 400%+ (I was paying 10$ for the UNLIMITED**** bandwidth of 2gb)  But now you are giving 4gb's for 45$, something doesn't seem right.  That's a huge markup in price for the service. 

But you have to remember also AT&T is probably losing alot of money, specially since it lost the Iphone to Verizon this year, and it's one of the worst CELL PHONE carriers out there.  And they have also taken a huge hit when losing so many people to Verizon / Sprint since the service is much better. Also alot of ISP's in the past few years have been capping the bandwidth of their services, so it only makes sense for the cell phone carriers to follow suit.



Thank you for your information,this is a good post,thanks.



Oh for fucks sake people. I'm sick of the whole "why are you charging me for tethering?" bullshit. Tethering uses a LOT more data than simply folks getting online with their phones. Do you know how much data that uses? Carriers simply charge because they don't want their whole network being brought to its knees because of overuse... I'm sick of this whole "i want everything free" mentality. Goddamn.. its a service so pay for it. If you can't afford it, then why the fucking hell are you getting a smartphone in the first place? Geeze.. quit complaining and pay for the services you use. Fucking whiners. Damn. "oh I don't wanna pay for anything." Fucking commies.



I'm on T-Mobile, and I use an un-locked phone, and I have both options to tether, and use the Wi-Fi hotspot, without having to hack the phone to use those options.  I use both frequently, but I do not use a lot of data.  I mainly use the Wi-Fi hotspot to access the web on things like ipod touches, and other phones without a data plan, but my monthly use is about 1GB (one) max (for ALL my use on my own phone, and including all the use of the tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot), so what you are saying is even with my low usage I should pay an aditional $45 a month?  Even when I don't get near the 5GB invisible cap?  Really?  REALLY?  You sir are mentally challanged.  IMO



For f' sakes what? Who wants more for free. 1.) tethering is a capability built into the iphone4 at the factory and available to iphone customers around the world. AT&T just wants to make US customers pay extra for something they already have because they are greedy. 2.) your confusing teathering with mobile hotspots. tethering your1(one) computer to your iphone transfers the connection from the phone to the pc/netbook/talet/pc, so you aren't using any MORE data unless your computer is infested with malware and completely zombified.

Please do research before painting people as whiners because they happen to have a concern which you don't share.



I notice that you don't seem to provide any numbers to back up your statement. Why would browsing with your phone use up any more data than browsing with a computer?

Fail troll is fail.



If you're paying for a certain amount of bandwidth per month then you're right, I don't see a difference if you use it on your phone or your PC.  However if you have an unlimited data plan then some people are basically using their phones to replace their home ISPs and are probably using a whole lot more data than what was originally planned when it was only a phone plan. 



Let me enlighten you two tech-unsaavy people why teathering takes more bandwidth.  #1 Iphones dont open flash websites, but the pc youre teathered to will, and we all know flash website are huge.  #2  Most websites have a mobil version that will recognize when youre using a mobil browser and convert it. When youre using a tethered pc, it will just go to the regular website and take up more data.

So, Origional poster I award 2 Internets

Two not so smarties I award -3 Internets



So you use more bandwidth, then pay for it! Why does AT&T care whether the data goes to an iPhone or a computer hooked up via the iPhone?



I bet it is just a new way to squeeze out more money from their customers. With the over engineering of wireless networks, there is no way you can consider a cell prover to be a consumable resource, that need to be "rationed out" per how much you are willing to pay for it.

The whole thing about charging people an additional fee to use 4G towers.. ? really..

Can't wireless providers see the inevitable? There is no need for all these complicated plans with voice, text, data, 4G data, tethering, anything else they think they can get away with. Can't wait for the day when i pay ~$60 for unlimited everything and be done with it.

The business models are unusually behind the tech in this industry. Come up with plans that encourage people to keep your service, instead of telling them they will be subject to further limitations, and fees for no real reason, other than the economy hasn't really bounced back yet, and you need to figure out ways to keep your share holders happy, and maintain your quarterly profits, so the CEO and board members can keep their jobs.

/close rant



Is it even legal for AT&T to automatically enroll users into a plan they didn't sign up for?



Yeah, heaven forbid you use the functionality BUILT INTO YOUR DEVICE when you can instead be charged for another, possibly inferior service that just happens to be branded. Way to go Ma Bell.



Keep it up ATT you are making Verizon and Sprint look nicer by the day.  As long as i dont go over my "unlimited" allotment of 2 or 4GB what difference does it make if i view that data on my phone or if my phone uses its own hardware to forward that data to another device.  Its crap like this that makes me glad I have less than 1 year left on my contract.

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