AT&T Comes Out on Top in Gizmodo 3G Speed Test



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I have an iPhone 3GS and live in Pittsburgh and I don't have any problem with dropped calls.  The only time i have signal loss is if I'm going through a tunnel or in a VERY remote area of PA.  Just because you have some dropped calls in your area doesn't mean AT&T sucks nationwide.



this small sampling is not even relevant. Were the test done at 3 am when most people are in bed. 12 city's give me a break this study is so grade school come back when you are in high school. MaximumPC you should be ashamed of spreading this.



It's just a bit of exaggeration of the usual telecom drivel...

Q: Well, what about between the Rockies & Appalacian Mountains??

A: Here's Chicago.  All the rest is basically irrelevant.  Not worth looking at...

It's like they're talking about Russia: there's Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, & St.Petersberg/Leningrad/Stalingrad... Basically, if you're not in the top 12 cities -in population- you're talking Siberia (& so, who cares?). 

(I don't think they even caught the top 12, though.)




This is COMPLETE BS! first off, Sprint uses the same cdma network, the same towers, and the same radios as Verizon in each phone so this graph and thier testing is ludicrous. Second, sure AT&T's 3G is fast, but move left or right a few feet and watch it drop like a lead balloon. I live in the Orlando area and i have used speed test to gauge my usage. I get 1738 down and 400 up consistantly, no matter where I go. Third, it also depends on the phone itself. My Pre slaughters my Touch Pro like there's no tomorow but both phones destroys my fathers touch diamond and he's with AT&T! So Gizmodo...if your gonna test and publish your findings, test with different phones, in different markets. Get it straight people.



Verizon has coverage for more uninhabited are extremely sparsely inhabited land.  Good call.  Cover where people are not IN CASE somebody goes out there.  AT&T has a valid point that they have 90 whatever percent of the copulated areas covered and with fast coverage.


I have been to the boondocks that so no 3G on AT&T maps, and I had 3G there.  Those maps are very misleading.



OK I want to only share my thoughts.  If you have coverage the size of Maryland for your entire 3G network of course you will have blazing fast speed.  The network can't get bogged down, and slow if no one is able to use it.  Even if you get on you don't stay on.  Verizon wins in my world because with 5 times the coverage, and best drop rate, to be able to win in some places, and be as high as they are, means they would blow the doors off AT&T if they only had 1/5 of the people using the network to equal AT&T at any given time.



They need 5x the 3G coverage to cover (less than) 25% more potential subscribers,
and their billing department is wonderful.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



Your argument would be valid if we didn't move from place to place. If this was land line coverage that would be one thing, but people travel every day. Just because you live in the center of a populated area and have coverage doesn't mean you don't leave that area on a daily basis. Verizons network accounts for the fact that people actually leave the city, wow, what a concept. Its not about how many people are covered with the size of the network, but how far a single person can go without losing their coverage.

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