AT&T Apologizes for iPad Security SNAFU



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Neon Samurai

"malicious hackers who exploited a function designed to make the iPad's log-in process faster"

Let me paraphrase:

Security researchers discovered our poor programing and lack of QA processes in public facing code then reported it too us and waited until it was fixed before public disclosure that will benefit our customers and the future of web hosted centralized computing. We would like to thank these ethical hackers, as the majority are, for bringing this failure of our development processes to our attention before it was widely exploited by those with criminals. We would normally try to attack and discredit such researchers through mass media and litigation but we are truly sorry for not catching this one within our several layers of internal and third party testing and have therefor opted for complete honesty with our current and potential customers.

(oh wait.. sorry.. they opted for "try to attack and discredit such researchers through mass media and litigation".. my bad)



Rest assured, new commericals featuring star Luke Wilson are coming.  They will continue to address the speed of our 3G and coverage of EDGE and not the other way around.



"evil hackers broke in and wreaked havoc, we came in and
valiantly were your savior" PR for, "Our shits weak, good thing you signed a 2 year contract and can only use your hardware with us"


~~The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes~~

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