AT&T Agrees to Credit U.S. Soldier's $16,000 Cell Phone Bill



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ATT is a heartless company when they think you owe them.  Their frontline CSRs are completely powerless to do anything for you and they get nothing but heartache from many ripped off customers.  

I fought with them for 13 months over a corporate contract with signatures and lawyers and finally got half what they owed us.  (@ $35,000.00 of $78,000.00 they over-billed.)  They also tried to scam us on fax service but they got NONE of that.  I was personally ripped off by them for $286 after they flat out lied to me and refused to work with me at all.

Maybe you are an ATT fanboy and think I deserved what happened and ATT is an honest company.  God help you if they ever think you owe them because you will lose one way or another.



Good for ATT. Though it took a lot of badgering to get it done they finally did the right thing. This type of problem would never come up if they would explain calling plans clearly up front. But then again in my experience most customer service reps don't understand the plans themselves and really don't care anyhow. They only want to get credit for the sale.



Wow yet isn't it the conservative administration who have been spying on our soldiers because of the Patriot Act which was passed by which president. And which administration has neglected our soldiers when it came to hospitals? Oh and I wonder which party doesn't want DADT to repeal? Yeah "conservatives" are so patriotic when it comes to soldiers. Nice BS but still like reading it. 



With the way the liberal media has spent the last several decades painting the American soldier as nothing more than baby killers and ruthless murders of non Americans, should we expect American companies to treat them any better?!? Granted since the virst gulf was the treatment has gotten better than it was in the 70's and 80's, but it is still a long way from what WWII soldiers recieved. Military discounts used to me common place, a small tolken of thanks for their willingness to sacrifice so much for so many (often ungratefull) people. Liberty has never been achieved, nor maintained solely by diplomacy. Thank a soldier every chance you get!

I applaud AT&T for doing the right thing in the end, but it souldn't take combat to get them to surrender. I agree with Rivera's CO, that Rivera was in part to blame. He like most people (especially Americans), just agreed to the cellular contract without reading it, or asking for clearification. Shame on all of you who don't read your contracts. I read mine. I even read through my mortgage. I believe in something most people used to, Personal Responsiblity, meaning it is your fault you didn't read the contract, not someone elses.



On a side note, prepaid is the way to go.  Those money grubbing basterds cant bill someone when they don't have a name or address to bill it too.



US companies should do better at supporting our troops that are out in the battlefield.  Thankfully AT&T did the right thing, but all carriers should have a troop deployment plan that is reasonable, easy to understand, and allows our troops to keep in contact with their loved ones without bilking them out of thousands of dollars every month.

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