Atom N270 and N280-Based Netbooks Coming Down in Price



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Yeah but they make them it Taiwan, they should be cheaper there!  I bought my Iphone knockoff online from taiwan and it was like 85 bucks with a 8GB micro SD in the box.  I can get an N270 equiped netbook off of tiger direct or new egg for 299 so it seems like you could get one in Taiwan out the back door of the factory for like $99, what gives?



I can find every item listed in this article for at least $50 less online, some with free shipping?  Are those brick and mortar prices?  Also when are they going to start selling Dual CoreAtom and or ION equiped netbooks?  I can find both of these in Mobo's but not in a netbook, even though MPC reviewed one you can't find it for sale anywhere....



Those are what they are selling for in Taiwan, after converting from NT to USD.



 so if it comes state side the aspire one might be what 200 bucks (the 8.9 inch version)

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