Atlantic Records First Major Label to Make More Than 50% of Sales Digitally



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But DRMed tracks are already "expiring". Some DRM support sites are now open only by court order, and those for not too much longer. I bought music, but, due to arbitrary policies, those purchases turn into "rentals" (not the original agreement), and expire. Money gone.

 Thank you, I'll buy unencumbered CDs, thank you.

But wait, most of the CDs I've bought lately have one (count it, one) listenable track. $20/track seems a bit steep, don't you think?

So, I think the music companies dug themselves into two holes - I can't trust that my material will still work next week/month/year, and frankly, they're not selling much worth buying.



Of course they blame piracy and the economy, but have they ever thought that their just hasn't been good music being released as of late?

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