ATI Targets Windows 7 Machines, Makes DirectX 11 Mainstream with GPU Launch



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If this is their high-end-of-the-mainstream line, then they should make a single slot version of the cards, or just the 5750. I don't think mainstream users use displayport, or care much for a dual slot card. If they really needed it (displayport) they could use a seperate bracket for it.

Still, good on ATI for shooting at the right pricepoints. I can't wait for a mobile 5750 to come out!



My logic goes this way: I want good performance but I won't pay 50% more for 10% more performance.

I'm currently planning to buy a 5850 at christmas time, when there will be sales.

 After the demand spike, after the drivers get better, after there are sales, it'll be faster and cheaper.

 Even now it's priced at around 280 bucks. Cheap!



But if your upgrading from say a ATI X1950 and have cash laying around..Why not spend a little more for the best? It's just me but I rather do that than set myself for future expenses.




I tell people "It's not about the fastest or most powerful hardware, but the latest".



True, i don't see a difference with ATi and nVidia's very minor nowadays, it used to be a more significant difference, but now, it's not even a large amount.

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